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Are you one of those peeps who think your website is irrelevant and not necessary for skyrocketing your success? Do you think, “Ehhhh, I can just use my social media platforms…or word of mouth or something…I don’t actually NEED a new website.”?


If you feel that way, that’s cool. I’m not here to tell you how to run your business. Only you can decide that. But I am here to offer some advice if you’re willing to listen 👂🏽


I personally can’t tell you how many times I’ve found someone on Instagram or Facebook and was really digging their vibe and what they were doing in the world, so I decided to check out their website—only to find it was unclear, incohesive, and/or downright ugly. 🤮


So what did I do? I clicked right off 👋🏻 (without opting into anything and definitely without buying something) AND stopped pursuing them on their social media platforms. 🙅🏻♀️


I know it might be “judgy” BUT if you have a sucky website is I’m going to make the assumptions that:

🤔You yourself are unclear about what you’re offering and perhaps don’t even believe in the results you provide
🙄You’re “playing” at this business thing and making it a hobby rather than something you’re 100% committed to going all in with
😳You don’t value yourself, your business, or your audience enough to invest in what it takes to fully show up for and support all three of these things

And honestly? I don’t really want to invest MY time, energy, and money into a business that makes me think or feel those things.
On the flipside, when I go to a website that CLEARLY screams their unique value and is so stinkin’ beautiful, it turns me ON. 🔥 It makes me curious to learn more. So I take the time to learn more and dive deep into the magical land that is their website.
I IMMEDIATELY opt-in to whatever the heck their freebie is because I know right away that I need more of this person in my life. 🤩AND I’m a ZILLION times more likely to purchase a service or product from them and shout from the rooftops about how amazeballs they are. 💰Not to mention, I then become a groupie for liiiiife and follow this person religiously on every.single.platform I can. #stalkerstatus 😍

So like it or not, website first impressions ARE a thing (even if you’ve interacted with someone on social media). Wouldn’t you so much fall into the latter example? I know I would!


And if you have a shitty website right now, there is NO shame in that. 💩 It’s just time to make a change. It’s time to stop unintentionally stifling your expertise and squashing your sales when you could VERY easily be showcasing your genius and selling your offerings like hot cakes.


You might be sitting here reading this thinking, “OH SH*T! I didn’t realize I was doing this, but duh, it makes sense. Now how the eff do I showcase my expertise and make my website work FOR me instead of against me?” 😱

I’ve got you!


I created the ::: FREE 5 Day Website Launch Challenge :::—aka a deep-dive experience that is going to help you create a website that captivates, captures, and converts! 🚀
🎉 Join the fun here: bit.ly/websitelaunchchallenge 🎉
And I’ll be honest—while this is centered around your website, EVERYTHING we do inside of this challenge is crucial to the heart and soul of your business. Without having crystal clarity and confidence around all of the areas we’ll be exploring, you’re going to remain stuck and stagnant.

Here’s the lineup for this epic party:


📑 Day 1: Brand + Website Audit

We’ll be performing an audit of your brand and website so you know exaaaactly where you’re starting from and what needs to be implemented or improved to create a website that captivates, captures, and converts. I’ll also be giving you access to a bomb.com spreadsheet that will make sure nothing gets overlooked.

🦄 Day 2: Zone of Magic, Values, + Brand Vibe

It’s time to get crystal clear on your zone of magic, brand values, and vibe and learn how to clearly communicate these on your website. These are the key ingredients that will remove that invisibility cloak and help you stand out so you can captivate the attention of your ideal clients.

👭 Day 3: Ideal Clients + Peer Landscape

You may thiiiink you’ve got your ideal client nailed, but if you don’t know EXACTLY who you’re speaking to and the language they’re speaking, then they’re going to click off your site immediately. Likewise, if you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your industry, then no one will know why they need to work with you (or buy from you) over alllll the other peeps out there. We’ll make sure neither of these happens and that you’re capturing hot leads who know they’ve gotta work with YOU, instead.
Also, it’s Halloween, so we’ve got a pretty sweet treat in store for you! So stay tuned 

🌟 Day 4: Distinct Messaging + Positioning

We’re going to take the research we completed on Day 3 and zone in on your distinct messaging and positioning so your ideal clients have ZERO doubts that you/your business/your product are the solution they’ve been waiting for. The content + copy we’re going to create inside of Day 4 is absolute GOLD for creating a website that captivates, captures, and converts. You’re welcome 

💰 Day 5: Strategies to Skyrocket Website Conversions

While Days 1-4 are focused around building the critical foundations of your brand + website, Day 5 is all about using the work we’ve done as a launchpad to skyrocket your website conversions. I’ll be diving into the top strategies for EACH of your website pages so your website can stop collecting dust bunnies and start collecting cash monies!

I’ll also be giving away a couple of FREE website audits on Day 5—so you’ll def want to make sure that you’ve been engaged and earned some Party Points to increase your chances of winning one!


While this 5-Day Challenge is totally free to join now, I will be taking it down and making it a paid offering later. So if you want to get in while it’s FREE and there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, head here.


This is for you if…

🐰>>> You have an existing website but it’s sitting there collecting dust bunnies (instead of hot leads and cash monies)

😱 >>> Your website is ugly/sucky/techy/annoying AF and you’ve been avoiding it like the plague (but you know you’re cutting yourself off from serious impact and income by ignoring it)

🖥 >>> You don’t have a website but you’re ready to create + launch your soulmate site that screams your one-of-a-kind expertise from the rooftops and brings ALL your ideal clients to the yard.


Ready to finally create a brand + website that captivates, captures, and converts?

🎉 Join the party here: bit.ly/websitelaunchchallenge 🎉


PS — I would LOVE if you could comment on this post and let me know what your #1 struggle is when it comes to creating a website that captivates, captures, and converts. I’m about to dive into creating all the content and want to make sure I include what you most need help with!



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Lexi is the Founder and Creative Director over at Brand Party 🎉—a brand strategy + web design firm for bold leaders who not only want an attraction brand that skyrockets their online presence but a CONVERSION brand that multiplies their profits ⚡

Lexi’s latest focus has been on Brand Party’s Website Theme Shop—aka the ONLY theme shop that combines iconic design that captivates, innovative features that capture, and strategic layouts that convert—all while feeling custom AF and being affordable AF. With Brand Party’s themes you can finally have a website that doesn’t suck—your time, money, energy or personality 😝
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